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An ordinary day?


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The most awesome brOTP. But I don’t know. We never discussed how this’ll end. You call I guess.

The duel runner was guided by the Dark Hero. They glide through the air and safely on the ship. They both should be aware for the shipment won’t go without protection. In the area they’re on when they enter the zone, henchmen appear out and surround them. They have to deal with more lackeys again. But whatever it takes they’ll have to take down this shipment to prevent their evil from spreading.

The mechanic was ready to do this again. But apparently the Crimson Dragon didn’t aid the Signer. He should have expected that. The Crimson Dragon isn’t something he can always count on. He’ll have to make his own effort then. But the Evil One was able to call upon his duel monsters out of the hologram without problem.

We’ll just end it like this is Chapter 1.

As the sailors were trying to put themselves together to react Lightning Golem descended close to the Duel Runner, punching some of them onto the ocean and blasting others. Some of the men wavered, as they certainly wasn’t expecting a real monster attacking them and ceased opposing the duelists.

" We need to find the ringleader." but where he would be? Concentrating trying to find the strongest duelist beside the two of them, Haou concluded as pointing forwards and upwards " He’s at the ship’s control room! "


"Let’s hurry!"

The group that was aboard the ship went overboard. They won’t be getting on the boat again anytime soon. This’ll give them time to turn this boat upside down, figure of speech. The mechanic remove his helmet and place it on his duel runner’s seat. Yusei began to rush to the steering room where Haou suggested that the ‘ringleader’ would be he predict.

So they both run there without having much of a problem. Most of the enemies were kicked off the boat and into the water by the king. When they arrive, they saw someone driving this boat, obviously. The opponent look at the two protagonist, knowing who one is but not the other. The foe equip a duel disk and plug into the boat’s system.

"I’m guessing if we want to stop this shipment, we’ll have to take him down."




The other sound like she was trying to encourage him, keeping a positive thought. But it felt more like she’s being cheerful of herself for her personality? Don’t know. First  time and no know nothing of the girl. Working in this theater, huh? That’s life for you. When you get to a certain age, you got to get working to live on.

But beside that, her words he heard but didn’t seem to respond. Well, he got to say something at the very least. Don’t want him looking like a cold person even though the usual face expression explain it all.


Yeah, way to go. It can’t be helped since that was all he could say. But a few seconds later, maybe a minute, the blonde went over to him, asking him what he was thinking. What should he say? There wasn’t much…


"Not really. I can’t shake the memories of my long gone precious friends. Beside my close friends, Neo Domino City’s disasters I’ve been involved in. They’re all big serious events anyways so it can’t be helped. But I got to remember that’s all in the past."

Neo Domino City…? The blonde seemed very confused the moment he said that. There was only one Domino City and that was the one they were currently at and… Her eyes widen the moment he mentioned that his close friends were gone.


"Oh my goodness…" Could that be why he seem to have so much on his mind? Oh my… "I am so sorry.." She quickly apologized. "I did not know… I must have sound really rude… I am so sorry for your loss." Now things just got a little heavy. What was Merina going to do…? But it seemed that he has been grieving and just… It really made the blonde very sad that there wasn’t anything she could but…

"If you need someone to talk to, I’m here to listen…" She suggested. "I mean… That if you want to. I understand if you don’t really and would like to be left alone…"

"Like I said, it’s all in the past."

He’s trying to imply that the girl need not ti apologize. He can’t live on like this, thinking about past events that already happened. Even though things were lost, going through a hard time, and so on. The future’s bright but yet the brightness cast the shadow of the past, haunting him. Everything’s back to normal, he’s living his life like none of those events ever occur to him.

It must have been the rain outside. They say at times when the rain is occurring, someone’s feeling down. It was like a superstition. But this was just the turbo duelist being him at moments like this.

"Do worry about it. I shouldn’t be thinking about such things. Anyways, I would like to know more detail about this play that’s going to come on."



First blood they say. Turn two and Mai already lost 500 Life Points. But it was only the beginning, anyways. She could make a come back all of a sudden when the duelist end his turn. Well, there’s nothing else for him to do. Actually, he could set two face down like how usually the beginning of duels go.

But he couldn’t. Yusei kept in mind that Harpies’ Hunting Ground was still in play, meaning if she summon a ‘Harpie Lady' monster in its name, she have to declare a spell/trap to be destroyed. In other words, if Yusei have any spell/trap on his side, she can destroy them when playing a 'Harpie Lady' monster. But knowing the field spell, it was a mandatory effect to destroy a spell/trap. If that's so, then if Mai play a 'Harpie Lady' monster, the field would be selected if no other spell/trap is on the field. So pretty much the card will get rid of itself.


"Let’s see if you can beat the future, Mai. It’s your turn." 4 cards in hand.


  • Junk Warrior (Dark)(LV5)(Warrior/Synchro/Effect)(ATK 2300/DEF 1300)


  • Junk Synchron (Dark)(LV3)(Warrior/Tuner/Effect)(ATK 1300/DEF 500)
  • Quillbolt Hedgehog (Earth)(LV2)(Machine/Effect)(ATK 800/DEF 800)
  • Foolish Burial (Normal/Spell)

Now things had just became even more interesting for Mai! Not only was she Dueling someone who was from the future, but she was also facing a very strong Monster thanks to it being Synchro Summoned. She could already feel the thrill rising in her and she gave Yusei a smirk. “You don’t have to tell me twice, Yusei! This Duel is starting to get me pumped up!”


"It’s my turn! Draw!" She drew from her Deck and looked at the card and then back up at Junk Warrior. It had an attack of 2300. And he didn’t set any face down cards. Looks like he was aware of Harpies’ Hunting Ground’s effect but… How long was he going to keep running on the defensive? She took a card from her hand and played it. "I Summon Cyber Harpie Lady (ATK 1800 / DEF 1300) in Attack Mode!”


The armored clad avian appeared beside her Mistress and gave a malicious smirk over to Yusei and his Junk Warrior. “Thanks to Harpies’ Hunting Ground’s first effect, my Harpie gains a 200 boost in her attack and defense.”

Cyber Harpie Lady glowed as her attack rose to 2000 and defense rose to 1500. Yet, her attack was just 300 short from Junk Warrior’s attack. “But I am not done there…” She took another card and played it. “It’s time for some new armor! I activate the Spell Card, Cyber Shield!”


The armor on Cyber Harpie glowed and upgraded to a golden plate armor. “Cyber Shield raises the attack of my Harpie by 500! So her attack is now a 2500!”

Feeling strong, Cyber Harpie Lady smirked and got her talons ready, preparing to strike. Mai pointed to Junk Warrior. “Attack, Cyber Harpie Lady! Scratch Clash!”


The turbo duelist observe his opponent’s turn. So she summoned a new Harpy to the field. It wasn’t improved but it was stronger than the previous one. It’s difference in the attack and defense from Harpy Lady 1. What is she planning? It was obvious that in order to win, you must play on the offensive. So that’s what Mai was playing at right now. He wasn’t sure how her deck function. But he can assuming it was a beat down, an offensive deck.

Yusei observe Mai equipping a equip spell to her new summoned monster. As a result, her Cyber Harpie Lady’s attack was 200 points higher than Yusei’s Junk warrior. This wasn’t good it appears. He then watch Mai’s harpy attack his only monster on his side of the field, destroying it and taking the different between 2500 and 2300 as damage, making Yusei lose 200 LP.

LP: 4000→3800

"Not a bad move. But we’re far from over."

the-supremeking said: But it isn’t more fun this way?

It would be if I wasn’t left out of like 95% of it.

That’s pretty accurate The two little shits bugging babu-senpai

You’re both little shit that I feel I’m babysitting the both of you because I can’t leave the both of you alone without random shit happening. But I love you both.

I’m going to sum up the three of us relationship between the-supremeking and e-heroduelist in one picture.




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Judai copying Aki♥
Pic By-Meimone

ohhh how adorable ;w;


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Judai copying Aki♥

Pic By-Meimone

ohhh how adorable ;w;