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Mai seem very confused. It was no surprised for duelist of the past to be surprised by new things from the future. Well, better explain to the harpy user the lay down of what’s going on with this game when she wasn’t around to see the future of Domino City.


"You don’t know? I’m from the future. I came here with the power of the Crimson Dragon. But as to your question of what I did, I merely performed a Synchro Summon. A Synchro Summon is another kind of Special Summon from the Extra deck like Fusion monsters. Usually very most of the time you’ll require at least one tuner monster and one or more non-tuner monster. Junk Synchron is a tuner monster while Quillbolt Hedgehog isn’t. In order to Synchro Summon specific monsters, you’re to fulfill the conditions of the card and Synchro Summoning rule. A specific cards are required for special Synchro monster like my Junk Warrior require ‘Junk Synchron' and one or more non-tuner monster. But that's not all. The LV of the monsters used as Synchro material are combined and equal the Synchro monster's LV. Just do the simple math, Mai. But that's enough lecture from me.”


Junk Warrior, attack Harpy Lady 1 with Scarp Fist!”


"Wait… You’re from the future?!"


It really shocked her that Yusei came from the future! Here, she thought that he was in the same timeline and yet… Maybe her first hint would had been his motorbike. It did look high-tech and more futuristic, but how was she supposed to know that?! Most vehicles were becoming more “high-tech” and “futuristic-looking.”

As Yusei began to explain what he just did, “Synchro Summon,”  the shock of him being from the future soon passed by and she began to understand the mechanics of the Summoning as he spoke about it. “Eh, really? Well… That makes it much faster to Summon a high ATK Monster.” Wow! It really amazed her to see how far the game went.

And speaking of the game, Mai’s eyes widen as she saw Junk Warrior charged at Harpie Lady 1. “Harpie Lady!” The said Harpie Lady gave a screech as she tried to fly away from the metal warrior, only to be hit and shatter to pieces.

Mai shielded herself as her Life Points drop to 3500.

I forget what was going on anymore so I had to go back and read shit all over again.

First blood they say. Turn two and Mai already lost 500 Life Points. But it was only the beginning, anyways. She could make a come back all of a sudden when the duelist end his turn. Well, there’s nothing else for him to do. Actually, he could set two face down like how usually the beginning of duels go.

But he couldn’t. Yusei kept in mind that Harpies’ Hunting Ground was still in play, meaning if she summon a ‘Harpie Lady' monster in its name, she have to declare a spell/trap to be destroyed. In other words, if Yusei have any spell/trap on his side, she can destroy them when playing a 'Harpie Lady' monster. But knowing the field spell, it was a mandatory effect to destroy a spell/trap. If that's so, then if Mai play a 'Harpie Lady' monster, the field would be selected if no other spell/trap is on the field. So pretty much the card will get rid of itself.

"Let’s see if you can beat the future, Mai. It’s your turn." 4 cards in hand.


  • Junk Warrior (Dark)(LV5)(Warrior/Synchro/Effect)(ATK 2300/DEF 1300)


  • Junk Synchron (Dark)(LV3)(Warrior/Tuner/Effect)(ATK 1300/DEF 500)
  • Quillbolt Hedgehog (Earth)(LV2)(Machine/Effect)(ATK 800/DEF 800)




"An from now… Slice-of-life comedy, huh…?"

So the turbo duelist still have to wait. But an hour is long. Well, it’s not like the rain is going to lit up. Not only that, he’s now unsure. Usually it’s a rare thing for Yusei to even laugh. He can get shy, nervous, and embarrassed at times. But laughing is something he rarely does. Chuckle, maybe but not laughing out loud. But even though he did laugh many times before in the past, it wasn’t because of something funny. It was him and his friends talking about things. But still, it’ll be a time killer so why not just enjoy the show?


"An hour wait it is then."

He started to walk over to somewhere nearby he can sit. He lean forward, looking down with both his elbow against his knee. It’s like he’s lost in his own train of thoughts again. The mechanic tend to do this a lot when he have free time to think about things. But there wasn’t anything in particular to think about. It was because all the disasters are over and done with.

"That’s what it’s about!" Merina confirmed as she watched him seem to think about it. Was he going to stay to see a show or just stay long until the rain cleared up? She glanced over her shoulder, seeing that the rain was just not clearing up anytime soon. Maybe…

She perk up hearing that he decided to stay and big grin appear on her face.


"You’ll have a good time, I can promise you that!" She watched him as he seem to to sit down in the lobby and seem to be lost in his thoughts. Hmm… She wonder what was on his mind. Curiosity getting the better of her, Merina made her way over to him. "You seem to have a lot on your mind, huh…?"

The other sound like she was trying to encourage him, keeping a positive thought. But it felt more like she’s being cheerful of herself for her personality? Don’t know. First  time and no know nothing of the girl. Working in this theater, huh? That’s life for you. When you get to a certain age, you got to get working to live on.

But beside that, her words he heard but didn’t seem to respond. Well, he got to say something at the very least. Don’t want him looking like a cold person even though the usual face expression explain it all.


Yeah, way to go. It can’t be helped since that was all he could say. But a few seconds later, maybe a minute, the blonde went over to him, asking him what he was thinking. What should he say? There wasn’t much…

"Not really. I can’t shake the memories of my long gone precious friends. Beside my close friends, Neo Domino City’s disasters I’ve been involved in. They’re all big serious events anyways so it can’t be helped. But I got to remember that’s all in the past."



The turbo duelist look away. It wasn’t his problem about another universe’s problem. But now that he know something, it concern him. Just being one of those good doers.


"Is there anything I could do?"

"You got a first-aid kit?" Seems a couple of those scratches on his arms had opened up and started bleeding.

"Hang on for a moment."

Leaving the alien where he is, the duelist went to another room to find the first-aid kit that the other suggested and/or asked for. Where is it… Ah, there it is. It was in a cabinet in other room, doesn’t need to know which room. What matter right now is that he got what he need so Yusei return to the alien, handing him the first-aid kit. What? It was kind of strange if the mechanic was to treat his injuries. He could do it himself.




"I don’t know. This is the first that the Crimson Dragon mark is reacting to a item from another universe. I can’t tell if this spell out trouble or otherwise…"

The mechanic is concern. Never he had this happen before. The mark responding to something else outside the duelist’s universe.

"Measure someone’s power? I’m not sure if I even have a power to begin with for being a duelist."

"Well, I guess the Crimson Dragon’s power somewhat qualifies," Nick explained. "Throughout my travels between Zones, or universes —whichever you prefer to use— I’ve met fairly powerful people. Most of those people are allies of mine. A few of those allies are from a cosmic race that are alien even to Mobians, such as myself."


"The Crimson Dragon’s power? That’s possible. But I’m unsure. Power from the Crimson Dragon doesn’t always appear when you want to. To gain that power, you’ll need to make an effort. Work for it first before hoping it’ll come. Me, I’m just a regular duelist despite being a Signer. It’s all about tactic and playing your cards right."

Playing your cards right as implying both duel monster and know what you’re doing.

Runner Repair RP



"We’ll take my duel runner to get there. I’m ready to leave anytime when you are. So I’m just waiting for your cue when we can depart from here."

"Great, then let’s go," Lise smiled and then scowled. "Oh, hang on. You finish up. I gotta tell my siblings I’ll be out and to lock the doors. Meet you outside." She walked down the hall and vanished into the media room.

Finish up? He’s ready to get going. Ah well. Doing whatever he need to do, taking a few minutes or so, he got himself ready and start to walk. The direction of this duel runner was this way. Just got to back the direction he came in here. It wasn’t like a maze so it was not a problem. Later he appear outside where his duel runner was, waiting for his client so they can get going.

An ordinary day?



They were about to head back to come up with something. But it seem there was an advantage to having Haou along with this. He seem to be able to sense darkness and evil. He was covered in it so maybe it was only common or whatever? But the dark king seem to have spoken up about where the turbo duelist and Haou should go. Keep going north, he said.


"Alright. Let’s go!"

With that the duelist rev his engine up. They must hurry to save the world again it seem. But this was the first time the two would team up and save the future of Neo Domino City.

Haou could feel the adrenaline rushing as the duel runner sped up, it needed to be timed right to this to work - and being the Supreme King, it was just right. A lighting struck and the monster Haou had banished earlier via Paradox Fusion came back from the other dimension.


Swiftly, the humongous Evil HERO Lighting Golem glided in front of the motorcycle and blasted an concentrated ball of plasma, destroying the ship’s propeller. The explosion not only made the vehicle to slow down but it also shock , causing many of the people on board to fall and scatter.


" Now! Yusei!

Wow how long has this been going on and when will it end I do not know.

Whatever the Judai counterpart was doing, he was using his darkness again to summon up non-hologram duel monsters. But the mechanic watch as the Evil Hero goes on the move. It flew in front of the duel runner and attack the shipment that was in sight. Well, the boat stop, now what?

Hearing the Supreme King’s call, think he’s implying they jump over the edge and try to land on the boat? That’s crazy. But the synchron duelist had his fair share of craziness in his duels and catch scenes before. The ship could start moving again somehow if the foes find out how to get it going again. Not going to happen.

"Here we go!"

With that said, he turn over to right where they were continuing to go uphill. This was like some kind of extreme stunt or something. So with that, the mechanic rev over the rail guard to prevent vehicles from going overboard. They soar into the sky, flying toward the boat.

Alrighty. I need to get my shit together and get serious here. Time to get shit done.

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